Authentic Trinidad Cuisine © 2011   Trinidadians love food – to eat food, cook food, share food. Trinis love nothing better than to lime over a good meal, enjoying food like they do company. That gives you some idea of the culinary culture Trinidad offers. Food, and sharing it with friends, is a favourite local pastime. As diverse as the people and history are, the culinary landscape is almost beyond “fusion”, and just its own thing. Imagine the culinary traditions of four continents blended with Trinidadian flamboyance and handed down from generation to generation. The native Amerindians discovered how to remove the poison from cassava, made staples of corn, pineapples, guavas, pawpaw, avocadoes, and cocoa. Root tubers, pigeon peas, saltfish, callaloo, black pudding and souse were all inherited as "creole food" from local African descendants. The European plantation era ensured that citrus, mangoes, sugar cane, coffee and pickled things became part of the local culture, while the indentured Indians introduced more spices, curries and cooking skills from the east. Curry Shrimp Ginger Beer, Rum Punch, Sorrel, and Peardrax Jerk Chicken Wings Welcome To Our Website! CATERING LUNCH DINNER TAKE-OUT Roti